Thursday, October 28, 2010

Signs of Readiness for Toilet Training

Saya tengah rajin.jadi saya buat la research sikit about potty train dan saya dapat some good info dan saya dengan suka hati nak share dengan para pembaca sekalian.

Signs of Readiness for Toilet Training

Like learning to sit up, crawl and walk, potty training is a skill that your child must learn. Experts suggest that parents look for signs of physical, emotional, and cognitive readiness before attempting to toilet train. Children are generally around two years of age before they can recognise and respond to toileting signals such as a full bladder, so premature toilet training may only frustrate you and upset your toddler because they can't do what you're asking of them.

Although it feels impossible sometimes, your toddler WILL sooner or later, learn how to use the toilet. Starting toilet training when your toddlers are ready makes it easier for all the parties involved.

The "ready-to-start-toilet-training" signs to look out for:
• Can follow simple instructions, such as a request to sit down or undress himself/herself.
• Can stay dry for a stretch of 2 to 3 hours
• Is aware of the "need to go" and can understand such words as "potty", "poo", "pee", etc
• Dislikes wet or soiled diapers
• They like being clean and dry
• Shows interest in wearing training pants or underwear
• Can pull elastic-waists pants up and down
• Notices the potty or toilet and wants to sit on it


• Do praise success. You might want to try rewards like an animal stamp on their hands (my kids love them !)
• Do invite them to sit on the potty when you're using the toilet
• Do switch from diapers to pull-up training pants they can pull up and down by themselves
• Do buy training pants in their favourite colours to make the whole toilet training process more fun for them
• Do teach them to wash their hands after going to toilet. Buy a special handsoap in their favourite scent for this purpose
• Do expect accidents ! Be patient with accidents and relapses
• Do remind them to go to the potty when they are too engrossed in their activities


• Don't reprimand or punish in events of "accidents". It will take them some time to master this whole toilet-training business.
• Don't start toilet training when there are big changes happening in the family such as new arrival or move to a new house.
• Don't get stressed. Keep a relaxed attitude. Toileting is not a reflection on your parenting but a maturing process of your toddler. If you treat toileting asa matter of discipline, and punish your toddler for any accidents, you are starting a fight you can't win.
• Don't force them to sit too long on the potty. It'll just feel like a punishment.
• Don't turn your toilet into a battleground. If your toddler is not ready to be toilet trained, he's just not ready. Try again a couple of weeks later. Just don't give up hope. Your toddler will NOT want to be in diapers forever ;-)

You will need lots of patience and a good sense of humour and plenty of time to spend in bathroom. You might want to keep something to read in toilet (for you, not your toddler :-) Give your toilet trainee lots of kisses and cuddles - they need to know that you still love them whether or not they perform on the potty !

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