Thursday, January 27, 2011

HeartBeat Situ Sana Sini..

Apa tu HeartBeat ek??

nak tau eh?sila klik kat banner bawah tu..

Banner / text link clicks : RM0.04 per genuine click.
Only genuine clicks from unique IP address each day are counted.
hah?? ye ke?

so..jom la register kat sini.


Launched in 2008, HB!Affiliate is the affiliate marketing program for By linking to HeartBeat products and services you can add compelling content for your site visitors enjoyment and make money from it.

How the Program Works
1. Associates must register as our member to join HB!Affiliate.
2. Associates copy the source code of our ad and place on their own website such as blog, forum etc.
2. Associates drive internet traffic to through specially formatted links that allow us to track sales and other activity.
3. Associates earn 15% in referral fees on all qualifying revenue made through their links or
up to 20% in self purchasing.
4. Besides that, associates are also able to earn from
- referring friends to register as our affiliate,
- banner clicks,
- feedbacks,
- testimonials
- etc.
5. Minimum cash out amount is RM50.00.
6. However, Associates can also choose to redeem our products with their earning anytime.
We will FREE DELIVERY if Associates redeem our gifts with earning.

Participation is Easy and Free
1. If NOT a member yet, pls register as our member online.
If YES, please proceed to Step 2.
2. Complete the online application.
3. Create & post your links to using our Get A Code tool in HB!Affiliate account.
4. Begin tracking your traffic and earnings reports online. Reports are updated daily.

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